"So I was lurking in my house, looking for plans of fake and new revolutionary systems to bust those damn fakers."


"Here at CTRGamers, we don't require of people wanting to join us to be liars, homosexuals, cheaters, and to have mental issues. We consider it as a bonus."


"Alpha > The real humorist of CTR world, maybe even a clown! The can make you LOL with serious and philosophical words."

-Veiled Irreligion

"Thank you for providing a comment. I feel confident. You are very good CTR player too!"

-blowcircuitR to crashteamalphing  


-IAmALegend (alpha-plus alter ego)

Crashteamalphing a.k.a. alpha-plus, alpha is a swiss/french CTR player of the fourth generation. He is not only know because his great skills at CTR, but also because his mad actions that almost ruined more than once the CTR World.

He is currently the main leader of the ctr world and is in charge of ctr4ever registration admision.

His beginnings in the CTR worldEdit

According to crashteamalphing he starting his ctr career on 2008. He joined ctr4ever as alpha-plus and belonged to the 4th generation. As a player he always had a good improvement and showed his fast learning to everyone else.

CTR busters Edit

Alpha-plus joined the ctr world in its most bizarre epoque. At first he became close to Black Frieza (later known as Blackteamfreezing) and both put the ironic and funny tone to the 4th generation of players. Alpha had a kind of admiration for Black Frieza, he was like a little brother that followed what the older one does and when Black Frieza started the whole Fakerbusters thing, alpha-plus followed his steps becoming a very active fakerbuster.

CTRGamers attack Edit

Crashteamalphing became a very good player and his improvement was also very fast. By the other hand, alpha was not a very nice guy in the ctr world. His manners were not the best and his sarcasm and humor got very sharp. Aside of that, he has a good knowledge of the ctr world and thanks to that, Linkzer trusted in him, giving him administrator powers in his forum when he was retiring fron ctr world. Linkzer would regret of it when one night alpha was drunk and attacked CTRGamers. Crashteamalphing convinced a very malleable crash68 (which was also admin on ctrgamers) and together they log in ctrgamers and started their attack. They deleted many players accounts and created troll accounts to spam the forum with non sense stuff and even with porn. The players that couldnt save from the accounts deleting were lells, david, v4e.. Thankfully David and Linkzer noticed the strange moves in the forum and LinkZer kicked out and banned both crashteamalphing and crash68.

Leadership Edit

Currently, crashteamalphing is one of the best players of the world and though he is known as a troll and crazy person, Linkzer knows that crashteamalphing is valuable because of his knowledge hunger about ctr history and also because his smartness.

CTR Phylosophy Edit

One day, alpha was at the peak of his creativeness and make by his own a CTR phylosophy wich follows as:

"Everything in life can be taken away from you, such as people (they die), money (this one never lasts), and basically everything you have worked hard to achieve such as a good reputation, a family, properties etc.. All of this can be reduced to ash by a flick of destiny.
But not CTR.

CTR is immortal.

Once you set a time, it lasts forever.

This is why your only aim in life should be, to use your time trying to achieve immortal things, rather than to gain things that will fly away from you.

Have some money ? Buy a CTR disc or a new TV and Camera.

Have some friends ? Why ? They think you suck.

Have a girlfriend ? Does she satisfact you as much as an important sub in CTR ? Didn't think so.

When you make love, orgasm lasts for a feww seconds. A New time in CTR is eternal pleasure.

When you eat too much, you have diarrhea. When you play too much CTR, keep playing because it feels good.

Why try to get muscles ? They will disappear. Only your skills in CTR matter.

GOD will stand by you in heaven if you become GOD in CTR, because then you will be equals. Why would GOD want to associate with a fukcin Titan A ?
In conclusion, CTR is All, and All is CTR. Maybe it's time to drop your studies, because you don't need a good work, all you need is CTR. Love CTR and it will give it back to you, by giving you many records. All your girlfriend will leave you is a huge credit card debt. CTR is the only person with an inconditional love for you. Mothers sometimes kill their babies. Does CTR do that ? Didn't think so."

CTR Anthem Edit

The same day alpha wrote his CTR phylosophy, he got the inspiration enough to create a CTR anthem wich follows the lyrics:

"Let's play CTR
We have RECORDS to BEAT.

We must IMPROVE because otherwise we will be BEATEN by other PLAYERS.

Our TIMES are weak, because they are IMPROVABLE. 

Life is about getting BETTER, so we must BETTER CHRONOS.

It is not BORING because it is FUN. Besides, you must PLAY many HOURS in TIME TRIAL

If you want to be a GOOD player with a HAPPY life, you must PLAY CTR for many YEARS.

Only A TV, and A VIDEO GAMES are necessary to play CTR, which is why YOU CAN PLAY ALL THE TIME.

Food is important too, to KEEP PLAYING and IMPROVE

Work is necessary, to get money for an apartment with A TV and CTR.

People don't matter. CTR DOES"

CTR Prophecy Edit

In a moment of devine inspiration, alpha seemed to be possesed by a supernatural force, wich made him pronounce the following words:

"He will bring doomsday to the CTR World, who will beat YaGaTo in total posts in CTRGamers."

This is considered by many CTR experts as an ancient prophecy that our CTR ancestors worried about and it is said that describes the moment when the CTR Doomsday finally arrives.